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Nightlife Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the golden egg for India as far as tourism is concerned. It is a great place to visit and is the host of most number of foreign tourists. People who visit from some other country enjoy their time in Rajasthan. The sightseeing options in Rajasthan cities are amazing. The cities of Rajasthan are very famous for providing great places for sightseeing. The views offered by these places is amazing and millions of people visit these places. There are many heritage buildings in Rajasthan which are famous and renowned all over the world. These building were about to extinct as they were not looked upon in a better way. Now these buildings which include forts and palaces are being converted into hotels for tourists.

Rajasthan is a very hot place. It is one of the hottest places in India. The reason behind this is that there are huge deserts in Rajasthan which are very much popular as the great Indian desert. Camel rides are the best thing to do in desert and also you are offered the options for camping. There are many attractions in Rajasthan. The nightlife of Rajasthan is amazing. You can do a lot of shopping during the night hours plus there are many other options available. Here we will be talking about nightlife in Rajasthan.

Nightlife in Rajasthan:

The nightlife experience of Rajasthan is amazing. You get to do a lot of things during the night time in Rajasthan. You get to experience the following things during night hours in Rajasthan.

Night Dance and Music Shows

During the right every hotel and resort is full of crowd. You can watch famous folk dance, Ghoomar dance and kalbelia dance. The best part of the right is when live performance is displayed that attracts many tourist to enjoy full night. Some of the major cultural centres of Rajasthan are

Light and sound shows in Rajasthan

You can experience the folk dance of Rajasthan which is major highlight of night shows. At the Amber Fort many light shows are organised and full history of mewar Kingdom is displayed in the Udaipur city palace that includes

In udaipur this show contains total 12 episode and jaipur show is displayed for 50 mins.

Night Puppet Show in Rajasthan

One of the best feature that is seen in Rajasthan is its native theatre of puppets. This is the world famous show that attracts millions of international and regional tourists every year. In the festivals of kite and camels, these shows are displayed for whole days and nights continuously. It narrated about the culture and tradition of this desert capital state of India. Some of the popular puppet shows are

Clubs, bars and pubs nightlife in Rajasthan

Rajasthan offers full package of enjoyment in both day and night. In night you have many options to choose, like you can go on a romantic cruise dinner, party whole night, see live performance, visit many bars to drink premium quality drink. Some of the famous bars and pubs are

These are some of the nightlife experiences you will enjoy in Rajasthan. Above is given all the information about nightlife in Rajasthan. You must keep all the above things to do during night hours in your list when you plan on visiting Rajasthan.

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