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Hawa Mahal Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal - Rajasthan

India is visited by millions of tourists every year. These tourist tour whole of the India. They choose all the major tourist destination places in India and try to visit all of them. One of the major tourist place among these is Rajasthan. Rajasthan comes at 4th place as far as tourism is concerned in India. Rajasthan is visited by millions of these foreign tourists. Not only foreign tourists visit Rajasthan, local tourists also love to visit Rajasthan. The main reason behind this is that you will see the great Indian tradition and culture still alive in Rajasthan. 

Rajasthan was the major hub when India was ruled by foreign as well as local kings. Thus, it became a major place for rulers and they made it a capital state at that time. They constructed forts and palaces in the beautiful cities of Rajasthan and that is why Rajasthan is known as the city of forts. There are so many forts, palaces and other heritage locations in Rajasthan. They were about to extinct but the tourism if Rajasthan came into action at the right time and converted them into hotels and guest houses for tourists so that they will be maintained on a daily basis and tourists will also enjoy their stay at these palaces. The best place for sightseeing in Rajasthan is Jaisalmer. It was the royal place of Rajasthan and was the old capital city where all the kings would stay. They made many beautiful palaces there which are now a great attraction to tourists. Rajasthan has seen many kings and is also known as the land of kings. Other factors which influence the tourism of Rajasthan are its eating outs. There are many traditional restaurants that you will not find anywhere in India. The nightlife is also amazing plus the shopping experience is great. There are many wonderful things to do in Rajasthan. The major thing that attracts millions of tourists is the sightseeing options available in Rajasthan. Here we will be discussing about things to do in Hawa Mahal. 

Hawa Mahal 

This is the most attractive place which is situated in the city of Jaipur. This is also known as The Palace of Wind which is most popular landmarks of pink city. This palace is located at Badi Chaupar. This palace was constructed in year 1799 by Sawai pratap raja. Here a mind blowing ideas of Rajasthan and Mughal architecture styles are seen on the walls of every fort. It is iconic 3 storey palace where you can see hawa mandir, Prakashan mandir and vichita mandir. 

● Opening hours : 9:30 to 4:30 

● Entry fee : Rs 40

● Best months to visit : September to February. 

Things to do in Hawa mahal 

● You can explore the architecture 

● Visit museum 

● Visit mandir

● As no one other palace is similar to hawa mahal, best thing to do, is to see the architecture of this mahal

● Experience the life of women of Rajputana families 

● Explore many art facts of the Popular Rajput’s rulers in the museum. 

● Nearby you can visit many places like city palace, ramniwas, jantar mantar and shopping. 

Best time to visit this mahal is from September to February as you can feel the comfortable temperature. Full mahal can be explored full in maximum 2 hours. Don't forget to visit this place in morning. Hawa Mahal is visited by millions of foreign as well as local tourists. 

Above is given all the information about things to do in Hawa Mahal. This is one of the most amazing place to visit in Rajasthan. Thus, you must keep a visit to Hawa Mahal in your list when you visit Rajasthan.

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