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Kote Gate Rajasthan

Kote Gate - Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most famous destination for all regional and international visitors. As it offers so many tours to explore during vacations. Here you can spend most of the romantic hours of your life in the cruise in city of lakes ( Udaipur ) . Large variety of art is found here which displays the talent of Rajasthani people as well as the history of India. This city was under the Rajputana rule, so here you can see many ancient monuments which attracts the eyes of every visitor. In these forts, you can see the full city blossoming like Jaisalmer is surrounded by the fort wall. In Rajasthan you can hear all types of languages. Like the Rajasthani language is based on Indo Aryan language. Here you can find total 4 forms of Rajasthani languages 

● In western rajasthan it is Mewar 

● Dhundhari or Rajasthani in southeast and East parts of Rajasthan 

● Malvi in southeast

● Mewati in northeast 

Religion of vast majority of population of Rajasthan is Hinduism, some people also be practice many different religions. Islam is 2nd religion which is largely spreaded in Rajasthan. Almer city is the pilgrimage place for all muslim. Here you can see many forms of dance like one of the traditional dance is Ghoomar which is performed by tribe women. Panihari is another form of dance performed by both men and women. Rajasthan is one of the most cultural and tradition place in India. If you opt for shopping in Rajasthan, at the majority of places, you will find Rajasthani local and tradition items only. Rajasthan offers a great atmosphere for shopping. Here we will be talking about shopping places in Rajasthan - Kote Gate. 

Shopping places in Rajasthan - Kote Gate:

Rajasthan is very famous all around the country for the shopping atmosphere its markets, streets and malls provide. People who visit Rajasthan for recreation also visit many shopping places in Rajasthan. One of the most famous shopping place in Rajasthan is Kote Gate. We will discuss about Kote Gate in detail:

Kote Gate:

Kote Gate is known as the entrance of Bikaner. It is a large gate which is the major gate through which you enter the beautiful town of Bikaner. There are many stores in the nearby area of Kote Gate. It is considered to be the main market of Bikaner. There are many other markets and bazaars in Bikaner but it is the most famous. The market of Kote Gate is famous for traditional Rajasthani items present in the stores. The most popular items available in this market are fabric clothing, traditional clothes of Rajasthan, beautiful hand made shoes, etc. 

The Kote Gate is an architectural masterpiece in Bikaner. The most popular activity that is performed near the gate is shopping in the local market there. You will be able to get some wonderful articles and items there and will be able to take some mind blowing masterpieces as well. There are many eating outs around as well that will provide a great meal in the form of local food of Bikaner like Bikaneri Bhujia, camel’s milk, etc. The local market around the Kote Gate is always crowded with tourists. Millions of tourists can be seen in the market. It is famous among foreign as well as local tourists. 

All the important information about Kote Gate is given in the above abstract. This is all about shopping places in Rajasthan - Kote Gate. While visiting the beautiful Bikaner, the first place you will visit will be the Kote Gate and the market nearby. So, for great shopping, you should keep Kote Gate in your list.

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