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Top 10 Clubs Rajasthan

Top 10 Clubs - Rajasthan
Nightlife in Rajasthan - Top 10 Clubs:
Rajasthan is one of the largest tourist hub in India. There you will find every sort of thing needed to make a place one of the most popular tourists destination. Rajasthan is famous all around the world for the nightlife experience it offers. Here we will be discussing about top 10 clubs in Rajasthan:
1. Brewz Rock Cafe Best Bar:
This bar is considered to be the best in Udaipur and also in the whole state of Rajasthan. It is situated in Udaipur and is very famous for the bar games available there. There you will find many performances and mind blowing karaoke. This is the most visited bar in Rajasthan. 
2. House of People:
This is one of the best night club in Rajasthan. It is situated in Jaipur and has a wonderful architecture which is complemented by fantastic lighting system. People from around the world visit this night club when they visit Rajasthan. The atmosphere you will find here is mind blowing. 
3. Lions club:
The lions club is situated in Jodhpur. Here we have tried to rank these bars in a manner that it will cover all the essential places of Rajasthan. It is highly rated in Jodhpur and is considered to be a great night club. 
4. Kota Club:
The Kota Club is situated in Kota, Rajasthan. This is more like a traditional clubs where you will find many performances related to the Rajasthani cultures. This is a mind blowing place to visit with your family and enjoy some night hours. 
5. Xtreme Club:
The Xtreme club is one of the most electrifying place in Rajasthan. It is situated in Jaipur and is the best disco club in the whole of Rajasthan. The atmosphere in this club is mind blowing and here you will find awesome DJs. 
6. IGNP Club:
This is considered to be the best night club in Bikaner. It is situated in the main town Bikaner and is the only night club in Bikaner. You will enjoy a beautiful time there with some finest beers available. 
7. Volcano:
Yet another disco club which is very popular among the tourists is the Volcano. It is situated in Jodhpur and is the only disco club there. Millions of tourists, mostly international visit the Volcano. 
8. Blue Ice:
Blue ice is a lounge in Jaipur which is very famous for its unique ambience. People love to visit this place. This is considered to be the best place to experience some mind blowing live music. The music played here is with the help of local instruments such as tabla. This is a very beautiful place to visit during night hours. 
9. HOP:
This is one of the most decent night out place in Rajasthan. It is situated in Jaipur and people enjoy their visit to HOP because of the fantastic music. Much of the concentration has been given to the food to be delivered and people love both veg and non veg here. 
The Al Firangi is situated in Jaipur and the name suggests that foreign tourists are most welcomed. This is a place which is very famous for parties and dancing. Here you will find young people enjoying with their friends. It offers great ambience and good food. This is a very beautiful place to visit during the night. 

Above are given the top 10 clubs of Rajasthan. If it is not possible for you to visit all these clubs and bars, at least you should visit a couple of these to get the experience of nightlife in Rajasthan. This is all about nightlife in Rajasthan - top 10 clubs.

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