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Longewala War Memorial Rajasthan

Longewala War Memorial - Rajasthan
Rajasthan is a mind blowing place to visit if you are travelling to India. Rajasthan is one of the major tourist hub of India which is famous all over the world for its tradition and culture. Rajasthan tourism sector has been working hard in recent years for making it the 4th most visited state in India by tourists. Millions and millions of tourists, local and foreign tourists visit Rajasthan for recreation and fun. Tourists can visit Rajasthan with their family and friends and enjoy the by far great sightseeing in Rajasthan. There are many fantastic things you can do in Rajasthan while you will be on your trip. Rajasthan is popular all over the world for so many beautiful locations. It mainly has five beautiful cities for the tourists to visit. These consist world famous structures and heritage buildings. These cities provide good sightseeing options through its forts and palaces which are many in number. This is why Rajasthan is also known as the city of forts. The most popular fort in Rajasthan which is famous among foreign tourists is the Amber fort. Jaipur palace is also a famous heritage building and a must visit place in Rajasthan while you will be on your trip. 
Rajasthan has become a major tourist hub for many reasons. The tradition and culture of Rajasthan attracts millions of tourists all over the world. Other factors which influence the tourism of Rajasthan are its eating outs. There are many traditional restaurants that you will not find anywhere in India. The nightlife is also amazing plus the shopping experience is great. There are so many things to do in Rajasthan in terms of tourism. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the beautiful cities of Rajasthan. 
Places to visit in Rajasthan- Longewala war memorial:
The Longewala war memorial is located in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer. It is one of the finest place to visit in Jaisalmer. It is a war equipment exhibition of the war that was fought between India and Pakistan at the Longewala post near Rajasthan. The war was won by India and all the equipments which included tanks, etc were captured by Indian army. There you will see all the historical facts about the war which was fought 46 years ago. Millions of tourists visit the war memorial. Foreign as well as local tourists visit Longewala war memorial on a daily basis. 
This is a place where you will find yourself standing right on the surface where the war of longewala was fought. This museum is constructed and maintained by Indian army on the spot where the battle took place. There is a visual movie which is made on this battle and gives all the necessary information to the tourists who visit it. In the museum, you will see so many things. You will even find the actual bunkers that were used by Indian soldiers during that battle. It can be well reached through road transport and Indian army welcomes all to visit this memorial. The Longewala war memorial gives you a feel which is equal to the feeling of the same war place. You will find all the things preserved and prevented there which gives it a great tinch of the time before five decades. This place is visited by all the tourists who visit Rajasthan and Jaisalmer. 
This is all the important information about longewala war memorial. This was all about places to visit in Rajasthan - Longewala war memorial. This will be added in all of our packages which involve a visit to Jaisalmer. This is a must visit place in Rajasthan.

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