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Top 5 Buffets Rajasthan

Top 5 Buffets - Rajasthan
Rajasthan is a very beautiful state to visit in India as far as tourism is concerned. Rajasthan is visited by millions of tourists and these tourists consist a large number of international tourists. Rajasthan is very famous all over the world for its forts. It has become a major tourists hub in India. Rajasthan is ranked 4th for hosting the most number of tourists. There are many sightseeing options available in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is visited mainly during summer season for enjoying hot summer time there.
There are many heritage building and monuments present in Rajasthan. The beautiful cities of Rajasthan offer great environment for a perfect trip. People visit Rajasthan with their family or friends and some of these visit Rajasthan for honeymoon as well. Rajasthan is famous for its nightlife as well. Rajasthan is visited by millions of tourists for the places to visit in Rajasthan. There you are provided with many options for so many activities to do. The food of Rajasthan is also world famous. Here we will be talking about eating out in Rajasthan - Top 5 buffets. 
Eating out in Rajasthan - Top 5 Buffets:
There are many restaurants in Rajasthan which are famous for their food. There are mainly traditional restaurants in Rajasthan which are famous all over the world. There are many restaurants that provide amazing buffets as well. Here we will discuss such places in Rajasthan which offer the facility of buffets. The top 5 buffets you will find in Rajasthan are given below:
1. Indian - pure veg buffets:
The Indian pure veg buffet is available in the beautiful city of Jaipur. These are best for family gatherings as well as kids parties. This is situated in the main city and visited by millions of tourists. The special dishes available in the buffet are daal, chapatis, palak paneer, etc. The design and architecture of this restaurant is amazing and attracts many tourists. 
2. Buffet house:
As the name suggests, this place is only specialised for buffets only. This is situated in Jaipur and is very famous for parties. All types of parties and gathering are done here. Here you will find vegetarian dishes of all kinds. Millions of tourists especially local tourists visit the buffet house. 
3. Udaipuri Restaurant:
The Udaipuri restaurant is located in Udaipur. It is ranked as one of the most popular restaurant of Udaipur. Millions of foreign as well as indian tourist visit this restaurant. This restaurant is much more popular for the buffets available here. You will find people in groups and offer you to eat what all you can eat. 
4. The Royal Ship:
The Royal ship is an amazing buffet restaurant located in the main market of Jaipur. It is a very famous place because of its interior design. It is one of the most royal place you will visit in Jaipur. The architecture follows the colours of ancient Rajasthan and thus gives it an antique looks. It is very famous for late night dinner buffets and you can eat anything here. 
5. Barbeque nation - Celebration mall:
The celebration mall is one of the largest mall in Rajasthan. Here you will find the most famous barbeque nation. It is very famous for its buffets. The most incredible things about this place is that you will get a lot of varieties of barbeques. This is a very famous buffet throughout the world. You will find many foreign tourists in Barbeque nation. 
Above is given all the information about the best buffets available in Rajasthan. This is all about eating out in Rajasthan - top 5 buffets. You should try to visit these buffets for a great experience.

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