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Top 10 Dishes Rajasthan

Top 10 Dishes - Rajasthan
The tour of the beautiful state of Rajasthan offers you so many things to do as well as so many places to visit. The beautiful state of Rajasthan is sometimes also called the land of rulers. The cities of the beautiful state of Rajasthan are the most cultural places in India which provide mind blowing environment for travellers.
Eating out - top 10 dishes of Rajasthan:
In Rajasthan we can taste tasty fingers licking food as the core of Rajasthan are all vegetarian dishes and here you can taste large list of dishes which are so much popular and delicious. As rajasthan is the state of desert so here we use milk, butter and ghee. Rajasthan is rich for heritages, culture and dishes. So some of the top 5 dishes of Rajasthan are :
Dal bati Churma : it is signature dish of Rajasthan as baati is hard bread which is cooked in the desert places. It requires no water for preparation.  This dish is served with dal which is lentil curry. Main ingredients of dal bati churma are ghee, sugar and lentils. 
Ker Sangri  :  it is most popular dish which is made of ker that looks like berries with tangy flavour. In Desert places of Barmer and Jaisalmer sangri is main ingredient. It contains 54% of protein. All people eat this dish with bajra rotis
Ghevar : it is authenticated sweet dish of Jaipur which is a tasty dish made with milk, ghee, almonds, cashews and floor. It texture is so crunchy and is cooked in k mould. You can taste different special varieties of ghevar like malai ghevar, condensed milk ghevar. 
Laal Maas: it is popular non vegetarian dish, it means red meat and its colour is red. It is a traditional dish which is made of deer and wild boar. Here the meat is marinated with spices and the cooked together with spices curry. Its ingredients are ghee, meat, spices, chillies, onion and mustard seeds. 
Panchkuta : this is famous curry made of many ingredients like ker,  sangri, gunda,  red chillies and kumar . It is served with special pooris and sometimes with rotis.
Mohan Maas: it is a perfect meal for dinner. It was served to Maharajas of the old times and is considered to be a royal dish. It is cooked with milk and a flawless mixture of spices. It is a non vegetarian dish. It is very famous among the tourists. 
Gatte ki Khichdi: this dish is considered to be the best preparation of rice with milk. This is one of the best dishes you can have in Rajasthan. This dish is prepared with the mixture of rice and soft basan. 
Dil Khushal: this dish is known as the best dessert served in Rajasthan. It is also known for its toothsome sweet taste. It falls in the category of mithai (sweets). Locally, it is known as besan ki mithai. It leaves a grainy flavour in your mouth. 
Boondi Raita: it is a dish which is not just famous in Rajasthan but also in the whole of north India. It has the quality to balance the taste of spices in your food. It is prepared by mixing boondi with sweet and sour yogurt. 
Rajasthani Kadhi: the most famous kadhi can be found in Maharashtra, Punjab as well as Uttrakhand, but Rajasthani kadhi is the most famous and tasty. It is very spicy and is a mixture of herbs from nature. Thus, it is considered to be very healthy. 
These are some of the famous dishes you will find in Rajasthan and most of the eating outs have these in their menu. This is all about eating out - top 10 dishes of Rajasthan.

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