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Winter Tour Packages Rajasthan

Tourism in Any country if the world has become a very important sector that contributes to the economy. Thus, every state of the country tries to attract more and more tourists every year to increase their economy. In India, Rajasthan is one of the top 5 tourist hub. It is very famous as it hosts millions of tourists every year from within India. It does not only attract Indian tourists, but also hosts international tourists. Rajasthan is a wonderful place to visit during hot summer time. But during winters, it becomes even more beautiful. During winters, the climate remains calm and you don’t have to face the harsh sun. Here we will be talking about our winter tour package for Rajasthan.

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Winter tour package for Rajasthan:

Winter is considered to be a chilly and cold time where you would stay indoor in a blanket. But if you visit Rajasthan in winters, you will do the opposite. Instead of staying indoor, you will explore the most beautiful places of Rajasthan. Winter in Rajasthan is the best climate in a sense that it is neither too cold nor too hot. You can enjoy the winter time in Rajasthan and we provide amazing winter tour packages in Rajasthan. These packages consists of all the essential services which include travelling, lodging as well as transportation.

In winter tour package, there are many wonderful places included. You will be given the options of visiting many places. These are given below:

Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer:

In winters, nothing can replace the wonderful desert safari in Rajasthan. You will be taken to sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer which offers the best time during winters. You can also do camping there in luxurious way.


To enjoy the real and amazing views of a desert and to experience wonderful camel safari, Khuri is one of the best place in Rajasthan. It is a small village situated on the south of Jaisalmer and very famous for its camel safari during winters. Here also, you can do desert camping in a wonderful way.


Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and also the hottest city in Rajasthan. Thus, for the people who don’t love that much hot climate as it is in Jaipur during summers, we provide winter tours to Jaipur. It is also known as the Pink city of Rajasthan and is the major tourist hub. Here you will get many sightseeing options as well as many places to visit.


Nothing can match the experience of visiting a national park in winters when you get to see nature in its most purest form and also the animal life during winters. Ranthambore is one of the best place to visit during winters to enjoy and sense the scent of mud and trees and what not.

Jawai leopard camp, at Pali:

Tourists love to enjoy the festive look of any place they visit during winter season. As far as tour in Rajasthan is concerned, many tourists prefer to visit during winters to be able to explore the most dry parts and cities of Rajasthan. Pali is one among these and is a very hot place during summers and still a bit hot during winters. To experience some jungle thrills, visit the Jawai leopard camp where you will find leopards roaming freely. It is a unique adventure to experience during winters.

These are some of the places in Rajasthan that will be added to our winter tours. Above is given all the information about our winter tour package for Rajasthan. The tourists who are not fond of a lot of heat choose this package for travelling to Rajasthan.

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