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Millets Of Mewar Rajasthan

Millets Of Mewar - Rajasthan
Rajasthan is believed to be one of the most popular part of India in terms of tourism. Millions and millions of international tourists who visit India for recreation definitely visit all other tourist hubs of India to enjoy some hot summer holidays. Rajasthan is one of the largest part in terms of area to be able to host so many tourists every year and these tourists are both Indian as well as international. It has become one of the main tourist hub in India and is ranked 4th in the most visited state as far as tourism is concerned. People from all the countries of the world visit Rajasthan with their family or friends to enjoy their vacations and tours here. Actually Rajasthan has become very popular outside India in recent years and its beautiful cities are attracting millions every year. People while planning their trip to India straight away plan to visit Rajasthan as well. Rajasthan is very very much famous among the foreign travellers for many things such as the beauty of the  cities, the great Indian desert, which is the only desert found in India, the wonderful forts and palaces, etc. 
The cities of Rajasthan are very beautiful with wonderful monuments and heritage buildings. Jaipur city palace, the Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal are the most popular heritage buildings which are popular all around the world. Rajasthan is also known as the land of Kings as it  was ruled by many powerful kings. There are many wonderful restaurants in Rajasthan and many peculier eating outs. The street food of Rajasthan is famous all over India. The food found in Rajasthan attracts millions of tourists. Here we will be talking about eating out in Rajasthan - Millets of Mewar. 
Eating out in Rajasthan - Millets of Mewar:
There are some of the finest restaurants you will find in Rajasthan. One among them is the Millets of Mewar. Her we will discuss about this restaurant in detail:

Millets of Mewar
Location : Hanuman ghat, Udaipur Rajasthan 
Opening hours : 9am to 11pm
This restaurant serves every visitor with pure organic ingredients, vegetarian and spice only to make every cuisine tasty and best food for health conscious. As rajasthan is the vegetarian state, so this restaurant of Udaipur is much famous for vegetarian dishes and these dishes are liked by many foreigners. The main dishes to eat here are cakes, salad, pizza, pasta and more. The best feature to visit here again and again is its natural organic and is nest place to visit regarding the health issues.
● Here you can learn cooking in special cooking classes 
● Try dum Aloo and Millet Aloo tikki
● Must drink sweet Indian coffee 
● All dishes are gluten free.
The atmosphere of this restaurant is so comfortable which offers wide facilities from catering to delivery and function organising to marriage parties. Here you can visit with your friends and taste the Italian dishes which are liked by today's children. 
This is not just a restaurant, you are provided with the facility to learn how the chefs cook and what ingredients they serve you. In every restaurant, the kitchen area is always prohibited area but for Millets of Mewar, you can be the member of kitchen. It is a beautiful place as far as architecture is concerned. 

Before planning a visit to Rajasthan, you should know about many things like where to stay, what to visit, where to eat. Thus, you should know about Millets of Mewar as it is very famous and thus should add this place in your list. This is all about eating out in Rajasthan - Millets of Mewar.

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