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Lake Pichola Rajasthan

Lake Pichola - Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the largest state of India as far as area is concerned. Millions of tourists visit India every year. India is one of the leading tourist hub in Asia. It is very popular all over the world. There are many tourist destination within India which provide the perfect atmosphere for trips and vacations. Rajasthan come in the top 5 list of most visited place in India by tourists. Foreign tourists who visit India, pay a visit to Rajasthan to know about pure Indian culture. 14% of foreign tourists who visit India also visit Rajasthan for vacations. 

Rajasthan is a very beautiful place to visit for trips and vacations. People visit Rajasthan with their family or friends to enjoy their vacations. It is the only state in India with vast deserts. These deserts are famous all over the world and are counted among the largest deserts of the world. The desert in Rajasthan is known as Thar desert or the great Indian desert. Tourists from all over the world and from all over India visit Thar desert. There are so many other things which Rajasthan provides you on your vacations. Here we will be discussing about things to do - Lake Pichola Rajasthan. 

Things to do - Lake Pichola Rajasthan:

One of the best picturesque lake of Udaipur is the Lake Pichola which is located beside the city palace of Udaipur and it was built by pichu banjara in the year 1362. It offers best and beautiful background view which attracts all the tourists to visit this Udaipur city. This lake is of 3 miles length and its width is about 2 miles. Here you can see the iconic and heart touching scenery. It is enveloped with elevated hills, temples, bathing ghats and lofty palaces. You can visit the Machhala marga hill which is located on its south side. On the east side of City palace you can see this lake. Here you can explore many islands, one of the renowned island of lake pichola is Jag island where you can also visit Jag mandir. There are total 4 main islands of lake Pichola 

● Lake palace is built on Jag Niwas island 

● Jag mandir is also located there

● Arsi Villas 

● Mohan villas 

● You can also visit Mohan Mandir 

One of the popular tour package of Udaipur is romantic cruising in the famous and largest lake pichola. Some of the major things to do in or around Lake Pichola are 

● Boat Ride

● Explore sunset boat cruise 

● Romantic dinner at Jag mandir island 

● Tour to Lake Palace 

● Bagore ki haveli

● Cruising 

● Visit beautiful Lake Garden Palace 

● Stroll for the romantic path of lake pichola. 

There are other lakes in the vicinity of lake Pichola. Many lakes which are found in Udaipur are directly or indirectly connected to lake Pichola. It is the most visited lake of Rajasthan. Millions of tourists visit this beautiful lake. You will find many restaurants and eating outs near the lake and many resorts and hotels as well. It can be reached in many ways. You can visit lake pichola by bus or train or by tongas. You can enjoy amazing boat rides here. It is visited mostly by the tourists who are on their honeymoon tours. It offers an amazing boat ride which is believed to be the most romantic. 

Above is given all the information about lake Pichola of Udaipur. It is one of the largest lakes of Rajasthan and is visited by millions and millions of tourists every year. This is all about things to do - Lake Pichola Rajasthan. Thus, you should keep the visit to Lake Pichola in Rajasthan when you will visit Rajasthan.

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