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Mahatma Gandhi Road Rajasthan

Mahatma Gandhi Road - Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the northwestern part of subcontinent of India. From northeast and north it is bounded by Punjab and from  east Haryana bounded it. The east central part of Rajasthan is known as top ranked gateway for all tourists as it is capital of Rajasthan ( Jaipur). The meaning of Rajasthan is Abode of all Rajas and formerly it was known as Rajputana or the country of Rajputs. In 1947 all the states comes under the rule of princes and kings. The line across the Rajasthan is covered by Aravalli Ranges roughly goes through Peak known as Guru peak which is on the Mount Abu and this peak is 1,722 metres of height. In the southwest of this peak, beautiful city is located know as Abu. All the area of southwestern parts comes under higher elevation. 

Here you will love the climate as it is extremely arid with humidity. Southeast and East parts are more humid. June is known as the warmest month with temperature 30°C. Coolest month is January. Jungle is the source of vegetation for all people of Rajasthan. Large number of mammals are found here like tiger, lion, camel sloth bear, leopard and sambar. In 1955, India’s oldest wildlife sanctuary was established, which is known as Sariska National Park, near the Alwar city. Near jaisalmer Desert national park was constructed in 1988. There are many places to visit in Rajasthan out of which you will find many mind blowing shopping places. Here we will be talking about shopping places in Rajasthan - Mahatma Gandhi Road. 

Shopping places in Rajasthan - Mahatma Gandhi Road:

There are wonderful experiences you will get in Rajasthan as far as shopping in concerned. There are so many wonderful shopping places in Rajasthan that it has become a reason of attraction for tourists. They get attracted to the shopping options and visit Rajasthan in large numbers. People from all around India visit Rajasthan for the shopping. Here you will mainly find tradition Rajasthani items available in the market and people love to take these items home with them. Here we will be discussing about Mahatma Gandhi Road in detail:

Mahatma Gandhi Road:

If you are addicted to shopping in such a way that even if you are on vacations, you need to do a lot of shopping, then Mahatma Gandhi Road is the perfect place for you. It is situated in the beautiful town of Bikaner. This road is a home of hundreds of store which are always crowded with people. This road is filled with tourists throughout the year and offer them amazing shopping time. This road is famous for having age old stores which sell antique Rajasthani items. It is also famous for many other products such as handcrafted footwears and beautiful ethnic wear. 

It is a long street on the sides of which are hundreds of stores which sell both Rajasthani as well as branded items. This road is filled with tourists throughout the year. You will mainly find foreign tourists there. This is considered to be the best option for shopping in Rajasthan. It has been named in the memory of a great leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi. People from around the world visit this place for shopping purposes. You will also find banded restaurants as well as some local restaurants which will give you the experience of a great meal during your shopping. 

Before visiting Bikaner, you should have some knowledge about the Mahatma Gandhi road where there are many amazing shopping experience available. Above is given all the information about the Mahatma Gandhi road of Bikaner. This is all about shopping places in Rajasthan - Mahatma Gandhi Road.

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